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About dinebox

The aim of Dinebox is to inspire confidence and  celebrate creativity in the kitchen by providing high quality, natural ingredients, tools, recipes, tips and information.
We want to help people cook great food from scratch, however limited the budget or equipment.
We believe cooking is a brilliant skill to have, and that great cooking needs nothing more than a few flavoursome ingredients and a bit of confidence to put them together.
All of the kits are devised to encourage creativity and adventure in the kitchen, using dried herbs and spices as the little gems of taste and aroma that turn plain ingredients into wonderful dishes.

Our principles are:

• to provide high quality, useful kits at reasonable prices.
• to use ethical suppliers, and include organic products where    we can.
• to promote the belief that everyone can cook brilliantly from scratch, without the need for rigid recipes, and support people to do just that.
• to encourage everyone to buy fresh food from local shops and enjoy being a creative cook.
• to be an accessible, honest company.
• to support other organisations who share Dinebox’s aims and principles
• to listen to feedback and encourage ideas to shape Dinebox’s development.

A Little bit about the Dinebox team

Dinebox was launched at the beginning of September 2012 by Sarah Pendle.
Sarah now runs the company full time, with the help of some talented and wonderful friends and family. The company is based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.
“The idea for Dinebox had been germinating for some time. I’ve always been very passionate about cooking from scratch, and ran my own wholefood cafe at the tender age of 22!”
Having swapped the cafe for looking after a family and then developing a second career in education management, I had a growing desire to return to working for myself and create a food business that would encourage people to develop their cooking skills and see cooking as an adventure!
The ideas for dinebox were formed over the last couple of years, as I provided creative spice kits, ideas and cook books for my children when they went to university and set up home for themselves.
I’m absolutely committed to the belief in the importance of young people learning and enjoying cooking for themselves - the freedom and excitement cooking brings, and the benefits to health and bank balance from buying raw ingredients and turning them into gourmet meals”.
my son Luce looks after the Dinebox facebook page, twitter feed and pinterest site. Luce is a very keen and adventurous cook, and contributes lots of ideas for our facebook cooking adventures - proving that you don’t need either a lot of cooking experience or equipment to have fun in the kitchen as he tries ideas out from the kitchen of his London flat.
The Dinebox website, design and web photography is the work of Sarah’s partner and professional photographer Ross. All the food photography on the website is of Dinebox recipes, made by Sarah and photographed by Ross in our kitchen. We usually eat the results of the photo shoot as we photograph it as naturally as possible!
We’re always keen to get contributions, comments and feedback from others, so please get in touch and tell others about us. Over the coming months we’ll be adding lots of recipes and ideas to the website, so send us your creative cooking recipes, if you’d like to share your ideas with others.
Best wishes
The Dinebox team